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Welcome to Stefano's Pizzeria

Restaurant, Cafe, Bar - Real Italian Pizza in Nelson


At our restaurant you will get Real Italian Pizza made by Real Italians. We bake our Pizzas in a traditional stone oven to ensure our pizzas are nice and crispy every time. We use just the right amounts of high quality cheese, spices, and toppings baked to a golden brown, crispy texture to create an unforgettable flavour and taste!

We at Stefano's offer you 17 varieties of Pizza - each one hand-made straight after you order.

If you love real pizza you'll love Stefano's. Come dine with us in Nelson or get a pizza to go!


Opening Hours

Pizzas are served:

Lunch from 12.00pm - 2.00pm 
Dinner from 4.00pm - 9.00pm.

7 Days a week 

Coffee and bar service from 11.30am

Booking recommended!


Takeaway Menu

LG = Low Gluten    LD = Low Dairy    V = Vegetarian


tomato base and topped with mozzarella

Margherita Origano V

S: $12.00  M: $21.50  L: $26.00

Marinara Origano, Anchovies, Garlic Oil, (without mozzarella) LD

S: $12.00  M: $21.50  L: $26.00

Prosciutto NZ Ham

S: $14.50  M: $23.00  L: $32.00

Funghi Mushrooms V

S: $14.50  M: $23.00  L: $32.00

Diavola Salami

S: $14.50  M: $23.00  L: $32.00

Carciofini Italian artichokes V

S: $14.50  M: $23.00  L: $32.00

Hawaiian NZ Ham, Pineapple

S: $17.00  M: $27.00  L: $34.50

Prosciutto & Funghi NZ Ham, Mushrooms

S: $17.00  M: $27.00  L: $34.50

Popeye Spinach, Feta V

S: $17.00  M: $27.00  L: $34.50

Napoli Anchovies, Capers, Olives

S: $18.50  M: $29.00  L: $36.50

Puttanesca Chorizo, Onions, Capsicum

S: $18.50  M: $29.00  L: $36.50

Capo Wendy Mushrooms, Feta, Spinach, Onions V

S: $20.00  M: $31.50  L: $40.00

Capricciosa NZ Ham, Mushrooms, Italian artichokes

S: $20.00  M: $31.50  L: $40.00

M.O.B. Mushrooms, Onions, Bacon

S: $20.00  M: $31.50  L: $40.00

Patacca Mushrooms, Blue cheese, Bacon

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

Stefano's  Chicken, Blue cheese, Sundried tomatoes, Capsicum

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

Parmigiana Parma ham, Parmesan cheese

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

La Mafiosa Salami, Onions, Sundried tomatoes, Olives, Chilli flakes

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

Padrino NZ Ham, Salami, Capsicum, Blue cheese

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

Quattro Formaggi Blue cheese, Feta, Brie V

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

La Baba Homemade pork mince sausage, Spinach, Parmesan

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

La Dolce Chicken, Brie, Cranberry sauce

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

La Porca Ham, Brie, Bacon

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50

Godfather NZ Ham, Salami, Chicken, Chorizo, BBQ sauce

S: $22.00  M: $34.00  L: $43.50


Extra toppings
Small: $4.00   Medium: $5.00   Large: $6.00

Extra meat topping
Small: $5.00   Medium: $6.00   Large: $7.00

Half & Half  
Medium: $4.00   Large: $5.00

Gluten free base: $6

Bread & Salad

Italian Pizza Bread
Pizza bread with mozzarella and your choice of Garlic or Rosemary Oil - $10 V

Fresh tomato, olives, feta, cucumber, red onion, on a bed of lettuce and with a delicious balsamic vinegar dressing - $16.50 V LG

Caesar Salad
Your choice of free range chicken or anchovies on a bed of lettuce with homemade pizza bread and boiled eggs, covered in Italian Parmesan cheese and drizzled with a creamy caesar dressing - $16.50

We take extreme care but...meat products may contain bone. Olives may contain stones. Products may contain traces of nuts. Gluten Free products are prepared on the same premises as flour products. Please let us know if you have any food allergies

About Stefanos Pizzeria, Cafe, Restaurant & Bar

Located at the river end of Nelson's main street, Stefano's, is aimed at the discerning budget-conscious diner seeking a wholesome, tasty lunch or dinner with a coffee or a glass of wine.

Our signature dishes are our hand made pizzas, and to ensure that our pizzas would be the equal of any in the world we use quality local and italian ingredients and bake them in our stone oven.

Of course we also offers a range of other Italian and New Zealand dishes and served with the best Sauvignon Blancs or Pinots from the Nelson-Marlborough region or wines from Italy or Australia. A variety of local and international beers are also offered to complement our meals.

Contact & Location

+64 3 546 7530
0800 74993742

91 Trafalgar St

To order takeaways or book a table call: 0800 PIZZERIA

Private functions welcome. For enquiries please contact us on +64 3 546 7530